Soprano with Piano

Conspiritor Reality, op. 184

aka “Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been,”

part of a projected opera, Alger, based on the story of Alger Hiss.

libretto by Kim Rich; premiered in solo version

by Helene Williams & composer, Tamiment Library NYU 6/13/07

premiere of choral version 6/17/10 by members of

Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus & NY City Labor Chorus

at Local 802, viewable on YouTube at

Long Island Songs of Seasoned Women, op. 186

song cycle for Helene, in memory of Susan Blake, Nov.-Dec.2007

includes 10 songs, #2-10 from the collection,

Songs of Seasoned Women, ed. Patti Tana, Quadrasoul, 2007.

Authors include Patti Tana (#1 & 10), Sally ann Drucker (#2),

Susan Astor (#3), Marcia McNair (#4), Lynn Green (#5),

Lorraine Mund (#6), Pat Falk (#7), Margaret Dinzler Shaw (#8),

Muriel Lilker (#9). Cycle premiered by Helene Williams

& composer, Court Street Music, 6/7/08.