Meeting Minutes

LICA Minutes, Dec. 6, 2020

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LICA Minutes, January 5, 2019

We reviewed finances through Dec 31, 2018

We agreed to take the Douglas Moore Fund under LICA’s wing (so to speak), as a sub-division of LICA as a way to expand our funding, and increase performance opportunities – Cork; please elaborate if you want

We would like to have a Wikipedia description set up and thought that Adam might be the appropriate person to spearhead this – time not determined

Larry will start an email newsletter as a way to have more regular/active communication with LICA members

We reviewed upcoming concert dates

Larry created a Long Island Composers Alliance YouTube Channel; it will not be used for now, but by creating it, we protect the intellectual property of our name on YouTube and keep it from being used by anyone else.

Jane will connect with Heb to help with the Student Concert at Hofstra – deadline is getting tight.

We agreed that in the future, we should try to work with already existing groups who have an established ‘audience/following’ as a way to grow our contact list, share joint funding, etc.

We’ll be asking that Concert Mangers in the future work with the Ex. Committee to ensure consistency in several areas (collecting attendee emails, quality of concert program, more inviting names for the concert, etc.)

We discussed opening up LICA to composers of other musical genres in order to increase membership, audience attendance, LICA’s relevancy (i.e., cabaret, open mike, etc.)

We discussed the need to archive (deceased) members’ music in the cloud for posterity and preservation.