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Booby Trap, The, op. 146

subtitled: Off Our Chests

musical with texts by Sydney Ross Singer & composer

on the link between bras & breast cancer

for 2 men, 2 women, and a piano (and optional cello),

based on A Little Breast Play

by Singer & Soma Grismaijer, Dec. 2000-Jan. 2001;

asterisked numbers* added, 2005;

written for & performed by Helene Williams, Cary Bair,

Peter Kacalanos/Leonard Lehrman,

Sarvamangala/Susan Blake/Kathryn Wieckhorst




Think Pink*

Barbie Blues

Baby Breasts

The Boobs Blues

Pusher Bra*


Silicone Sal

Breast Play

Quartet: Pillow Talk

It’s Tough Bein’ a Tittie Today*

A Break*

The Trouble with Breasts*

The Test

Bras, Not Genes*

Working It Out

Stuffed Bras (Off Our Chests)

concert prem. (of 8 numbers) Golden Fleece Ltd., Theater 22, 5/13/01

full concert prem. Eastover, Lenox, Mass. 8/23/01

performances with additional numbers:

8/11/05 Empire Haven, Moravia NY

5/19/06 PeaceSmiths, United Methodist Church,,Amityville NY [SB]

5/19/07 United Methodist Church, Islip NY [SB]

8/10/07 Eastern Naturist Festival, Empire Haven, Moravia NY

8/12/07 Ithaca Commons, NY Green Fest [SB]

8/25/07 Custer Institute, Southold NY [SB]

5/17/08 WomanSpace, Great Neck Senior Center [KW]

10/20/08 Puffin Cultural Forum, Teaneck NJ [KW]

—during Breast Cancer Awareness Month