Sacco and Vanzetti, op. 148

3-act opera (2 hr. 45 min.) begun but left unfinished by

Marc Blitzstein (1959-1963)

commissioned by Ford Foundation,

optioned by Metropolitan Opera, completed 1978-Feb. 2001

published by Theodore Presser;

6 excerpts (asterisked) published by Boosey & Hawkes;

first complete performances in concert with piano:

Aug. 17, 18, 19, 2001, White Barn Theatre, Westport CT

Excerpts performable separately:

*1. Sacco’s Act II Aria, “With a Woman to Be” (4’40”-7’03”)

*2. Sacco-Rosa Act II Duet (2’04”)

*3. Vanzetti’s Last Statement (3’07”)

*4. Vanzetti’s First Aria (2’29”)

*5. Sacco’s “The Whole Shoe” Aria (5’11”)

6. Sacco-Mrs. Evans Duet

7. Sacco-Rosa-Vanzetti Trio (1’45”-2’00”),

also performable as Sacco-Rosa Duet,

music based on Blitzstein’s “The Hills of Amalfi”

*8. Mary Donovan’s Aria,

inspired by “Hymn” from Blitzstein’s Juno

9. Act I Quartet Finale

music derived in part from “Have Yourself a Night”

from Blitzstein’s Reuben Reuben

10. Memorial Day Parade (1’37”)

music based on Blitzstein’s setting  of Alfred Hayes’s

“Into the Streets May First”

11. Thompson’s Act III Aria, “Secrets”

#1 recorded on Premier PRCD 1005

#2-5 recorded on Original Cast Records OC 4441

#1, 7 & 10 recorded on Original Cast Records OC 6127